About me:

I am a Biology student born in Germany, raised in Canada and currently living back in Germany. My passion over the last few years has been the photography of nature mainly based on landscapes, amphibians and reptiles. I began studying Biology at the university of Mainz in 2016. Around that time my interest in photography became more serious leading to many trips around Europe and beyond. None of these trips were made alone and were accompanied by the three most important things in a photographers life: my friends (and family), my camera and my old but trusty car. Thanks to all three for not giving up on me yet!


About my photography:

All of my images have been taken in the field. The goal of my photography is to share the beauty of nature on our planet and to raise awareness on how we are about to destroy it. I got into photography more seriously with landscapephotography, but as time passed, my passion for wildlife and especially reptiles and amphibians found its way further into my photos. As time passes my interest is shifting more and more from posed shots to natural (in situ) images of the animals, as these represent the behaviour of the animals way better, eventhough they may not seem as "clean" as some posed pictures.


My first success in a contest: 3rd place in the animal category at the CUPOTY 04

Highly commended in the animal behaviour category at the Nature TTL POTY 2023